One thing ends, another begins.


Hello everyone! My name is Emma and I’m in charge of our team’s blog. As most of you may know, we’re headed to Costa Rica on FRIDAY!! For the last two months we’ve been in a pretty intense lecture phase…
Learning more and more about the Lord and about ourselves and each other. It was a long, heavy two months of serious learning and loving throughout our school.
Our team is made up of 11 absolutely wonderful people. God really blessed us with personalities that do not clash and we definitely all love each other a lot. We have three fantastic leaders; Esther (Missouri), Trevor (California), and Caragh (Australia). So far, they’ve done so well prepping us for this huge journey. And I’m so ready to see how the Lord works through them as we make our way through Costa Rica and Panama. As for the students, there is Jeremy (Canada), Rachel and Andrew ( married, Canada), Ruth (Spain), Esther (Switzerland), Anne (Finland), Melissa (Michigan) and me (Washington)!
We’re going to be doing some pretty amazing things when we get down there. Going to orphanages, working in boy’s homes, evangelism, etc. In one spot, an island called Bocas del Toro, we’ll be ministering to and living with the surrounding tribes. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? I can already tell that God is going to do some big things.
So, tomorrow we leave at 7 pm. Stay tuned to find out all the we’re doing in the next three months!!



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