Spiders and mosquitoes and the Caribbean, oh my!


Hey there! It’s been quite the eventful week. Last Saturday, we made our way from Heredia, Costa Rica to San Jose, Costa Rica. And then the next day, we hopped in the van and took a little trip over to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica to Limon! There we stayed at the still-being-built Puerto Viejo YWAM base.
Our drive there was absolutely gorgeous. Rainforest, plantain trees for miles, and lots and lots of palm trees. Not too bad I’d say. We pulled up to the base, deep in the jungle of Limon, and lo and behold, there was no electricity or water. So what do we do? We collect water out of the river so that we would be able to use the bathroom. We also got to eat dinner by candlelight every night. What a fun life, huh?
Of course the first thing us girls had to do before any of us could go to bed every night was check for big bad bugs. That meant shaking out sleeping bags, shining flashlights everywhere, and of course, squishing those unfortunate ones who made their way out into the light. 😉
Our main purpose for staying at the base was to work there. So every day, we’d set off to work, painting rocks, building a deck, raking, and other assortments of jobs. We made time pass by blaring some rocking music and dancing the work away. Our hosts, Rasta and Elsie both had amazing work ethics and were so determined to really get every job done thoroughly. Whether it’s cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner like a pro every day (thank you Elsie) or making sure our water breaks weren’t too much on the long side (yes, thank you Rasta).

We also spent a lot of time working with an awesome little church in town. The congregation was so welcoming and their passion and love for the Lord was so inspiring. Someone there mentioned how it was simply so amazing that there were so many different nations in that little church all coming together for one purpose. And that’s to worship and love the Lord. Of course, our team has all different nationalities but also in the church there were congregants from Africa, Jamaica, Greece and Costa Rica. Clearly God is pretty sweet. We specifically helped one couple from the church with the kids. From playing name games to helping decorate and organize the Christmas pageant. The kids were really fun to play with and get to know. Always a huge smile on their faces and very willing to have fun. 🙂
And, of course, who wouldn’t want to go have a little fun at the beach? We made our way to the beautiful waves several times. And on Christmas Day, after having a nice morning of Secret Santa and presents from home ( thank you to all of our wonderful parents who sent gifts!! Such a blessing!) and a little bit of work on the base, we went into town, rented bikes and rode for a while to a beautiful beach! We wrestled with the waves and just as we were about to leave, it downpoured. So we rode our bikes back in the pouring rain in our bathing suits! Talk about an adventure.
This past week was definitely stretching at times. But it was a blessing. We met so many wonderful people and experienced so many new things!
Oh yeah! We were woken up by some nice howler monkeys every morning and also encountered a sloth. Two things checked off our bucket lists.
I said it before but I’ll say it again, what a fun life! We are so blessed to be on this adventure. God is so good!!






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