¡Que Sabor!


Well, it has been yet another crazy, fun filled week. When we got back to San Jose after our week in Limon, we got right to business. The San Jose YWAM base is partnered with a foundation called Homes of Hope (Casas de Esperanza) and last weekend, we helped! Saturday was full of moving things from the base to the community and prepping food and all sorts of things. Sunday, our team and people from the base made our way to a neighborhood called Pavas and we started to prep for the four homes being built that weekend. Homes of Hope is an organization where multiple families come together and spend their Christmas building houses for families all over. We were there to help serve them food, water, anything. It was such a blessing to be a part of this amazing weekend. Within two days, four beautiful houses were built.

We left the base on Tuesday and Rasta took us to a neighborhood in San Jose where we stayed with a family for a week. It was a challenge because the family spoke absolutely no English (thank you SO much Ruth for being so gracious and translating for us) but they were so sweet and made us delicious food! While with this family, we walked around the neighborhood going door to door praying for people and playing futbol in the streets with the kids and also completely redid the family’s house! We painted every room and installed shelves and it was amazing! This family is also involved in a feeding ministry in the neighborhood where every weekday they feed the kids lunch. We got to make them tamales and also give out clothes to the ones who needed them. It was super chaotic but fun at the same time.

This week was challenging and different. We had to lean on God for ministry opportunities a lot more than before. That meant a lot of praying a listening to what he has to say. It brought our team together more than ever before.
We’re going into our fifth week of outreach and God is doing some really amazing things here; in us and through us. We are so blessed to be meeting so many nice people and getting to know each other so much better. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such a tight team. Thank you Jesus!

Panarica at Homes of Hope




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